Saturday, 9 February 2008

A sneak peak

Still doing the rounds of the banks (a helluva lot of fun, as you might imagine). In the meantime, we went back to the apartment, took some measurements and made a little film to show the interior decorators.

For the moment the place is fairly neutral, a bit mouldy and in need of a serious makeover. Haven't quite worked out what's going where yet, but looking at the film and photos is helping to firm things up in our minds...

Here's the film. Music by the wonderful Notwist (buy the album here).

2 commentaires:

The Paris Apartment said...

OMG! We don't know each other but I am so happy for you! Please tell us more about what's going on...neighborhood, red tape,'re living a dream! congrats!oxkzlhom

Florence said...

super mignon! Je suis curieuse de voir le resultat! L'enorme armoire dans la cuisine va surement voltiger!?

Gros bisous