Friday, 1 February 2008

Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

We are Jason Whittaker and Alain Bisotti.

Please read our terms and conditions attentively, as all bookings are subject to them. Your must read, agree to and sign this document upon arrival in order to stay in the apartment.

Index of the Terms & Conditions

1. Use of the web site

We hold the exclusive rights to all content on our website except where noted. No part of the website may be re-used or adapted for use elsewhere.
If you would like to reproduce a part of the site, send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you.
We endeavour to make all information given on the website as exact as possible, but it is to be taken as a resource for information, and we are not responsible for any errors made in good faith.

2. Bookings

Bookings are only accepted through our site ( or through our authorised agents. All questions not covered on the site should be sent by e-mail. When making a reservation, the prospective customer (referred to hereafter as our ‘guest’) agrees to conclude a contract according to the stated conditions. The contract between us is considered to be in force once your payment has been accepted and you have agreed to the terms & conditions.
It is for the customer to verify that the arrival and departure dates in his/her confirmation e-mail are correct. We are not obliged to modify, cancel or reimburse bookings where the client has mistakenly entered a wrong date or duration. The guest is the sole responsible to all obligations covered by the contract and will be responsible for all the persons included in his/her booking.
Availability is updated in real time and bookings are confirmed immediately by e-mail. A copy of the terms & conditions should follow shortly afterwards. You must read and agree to these.

3. Rates

All rates are quoted in euros (€) and will always be shown on the guest’s confirmation e-mail. Before booking online you will be shown the total price, as well as a breakdown of the amounts you are paying for.

We are not liable for the cost of transfer between the airport/station and the apartment, meals or other personal expenditure.

4. Service Orders

When making a booking, you authorise us (or our agents) to charge your credit card for the agreed amount. You agree not to report as lost or stolen any credit card that you have used in conjunction with such payment, unless you really do believe that it is, in fact, lost or stolen.

You further agree not to report as unauthorised any charge for services which you have, in fact, ordered from us. You hereby agree that any such false reporting of a lost or stolen credit card or of unauthorised charges shall render you liable to us.

5. Payment

You should receive booking confirmation as soon as the credit card used for the prepayment has been authorised.

You authorise us to charge the same credit card for the remaining due amount one week before the arrival date noted on your confirmation.

We accept payment by Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard and American Express.

Invoices: Your booking confirmations are to be taken as invoices. If you require further paperwork, please contact us.

6. Security of payments made by credit cards

All online payments are encrypted (Thawte SSL) via our tech partner Siriona and processed by the CIC bank.

7. Confirmation

All valid bookings are confirmed immediately by e-mail. If you have made a booking and have received no word from us after 24 hours, please e-mail us.

8. Cancellations and Modifications

Please note that our cancellation charges depend on the amount of advance notice given prior to the proposed arrival date. All cancellations must be made via our site, or via the authorised agent with whom you booked. Phone or e-mail cancellations cannot be accepted. The cancellation policy applies to all amounts paid and/or confirmed by the client up until the date of cancellation including pre or partial payments/deposits.

Cancellation Policy:

The amounts quoted below do not include the booking fee, which is not refundable.

Short stays of 3 or 4 days are not refundable. For other stays:

• More than 100 days before arrival: all payments are reimbursed.

• Between 100 and 31 days inclusive before arrival: charge of 20% of total due.

• Between 30 and 15 days inclusive before arrival: charge of 50% of total due.

• Less than 15 days before arrival: 100% loss of fee for the whole stay.

Charges/refunds resulting from these terms and conditions will be charged/refunded to the same credit card used for the original payment. We recommend that you obtain insurance that will provide you with cover should you need to cancel your travel plans.

Modification is taken to mean a change in the arrival and/or departure date. Modifications must be requested by e-mail and are subject to availability. If the new length of your stay is less than that initially booked, the cancellation costs detailed above will apply to the difference in the number of nights.

9. Force Majeure

The tenant is not freed from the responsibility of payment due to personal circumstances or force majeure such as war, strikes or natural catastrophes.

10. Check in / Check out

The apartment holds a maximum of two people. It is not permitted for persons other than those mentioned or on the booking form, or those present at check in, to stay in the apartment. Furthermore it is not permitted for more than two people to stay in the apartment. We have the right to ask you to vacate the premises immediately if these limits are not respected.

Check in and check out for direct bookings is done at the apartment. For bookings via an authorised agent, please check with them.

Check in time is generally between 2 and 8pm. If you are obliged to check in outside these hours, or you are delayed, please contact us. A supplemental charge may apply.

At check in, all fixtures and fittings in the apartment are deemed to be intact and in perfect working order. If you come across anything manifestly damaged or broken, you must notify us immediately.

We will explain how all the apartment’s amenities work (TV, hi-fi, bathroom, etc.) and you will be given a set of keys.

You will also be asked to sign copies of the payment confirmation received by e-mail.

Check out is before 11am. Any missing, broken or damaged items will be noted and you will be advised of the cost of replacement. You authorise us to charge this amount to the credit card used for booking.

When you book, a cleaning charge of 50 euros is automatically added to your booking. You are nevertheless expected to treat the apartment with respect and not leave it excessively dirty. If we find that the apartment is particularly dirty after your departure, an extra charge may apply.

Please note that some stays/rates may be liable for more than one cleaning charge.

You may also opt for a cleaning service during your stay. This service costs 50 euros each time.

No reimbursement is due if you decide to leave earlier than the agreed date.

A set of fresh bed linen and towels are left free for your use during each week’s stay. If you wish to have extra sheet or towels, they cost 30 euros.

11. During the stay

During your stay, we request that you will treat the apartment as you would your own and respect the tranquillity of the neighbours.

All items and decoration in the apartment are to be treated with care. You will be held responsible for any damage to the accommodation or its equipment made by yourselves or others during the time of your stay.

12. Pets / smoking

No pets of any kind are allowed in the apartment.

Smoking is also strictly forbidden in the apartment (including at the window) and in the stairwell of the building. Any trace or smell of smoking found in the apartment will give rise to an extra charge of 150€.

13. Responsibility

We are not responsible for:

- misrepresentation by third parties
- personal damages or injuries incurred during your stay
- theft of personal belongings from the apartment
- disputes between a guest and a third party

14. Withdrawal by us

We may withdraw from the contract without any grace, if the tenant disregards a warning from us and disturbs the peace or behaves contrary to the terms of the agreement to such a degree that the immediate annulment of the contract is justified. If we terminate for the reasons specified above, our claim to the entire rent remains.

15. Notifications

You must promptly inform us of changes in the number and/or expiration date of any credit card used in connection with your booking; changes in home or billing address; and any actual or suspected apparent breaches of security, such as loss, theft, or unauthorised disclosure. Until we are notified of a breach in security, you will remain liable for any unauthorised use of the services.

16. General validity of contract

If any part of this agreement should be deemed illegal by a responsible court, the validity of the others parts are still deemed acceptable. If a rule of this agreement is ineffective only in a section, then the other sections remain valid.

17. Area of jurisdiction

Sole area of jurisdiction for any disputes is deemed to be Paris, France.

18. Contact details

jasonw [at] jasonw . eu
alain [at] bisotti . com