Tuesday, 18 March 2008

More essential and exciting news. About parquet.

Had the Europarquet man round today. He was really nice. Turns out our parquet is not 'point de hongrie' at all, but 'bâtons rompus' (broken sticks?), meaning that the ends of each little plank are flat, and you don't get the gracious up and down lines that 'point de hongrie' parquet gives.

Basically, 'batons rompus' is Kwik Save to 'point de hongrie's Waitrose. Whatever, it looks cool to me.

Also, it seems like the parquet is glued to a flat base, so even where it dips and bumps there's not much we can do about it. Sanding will even that out a little, but not much.

The good news? Well, the concrete and lino are coming off pretty cleanly, so I think we can do that part ourselves. All that will be left to do is sand everything down and wax it, which is not very dear.

However, I did start chipping away at some more of the lino today, and once you get started it's difficult to stop. If the flat looked like a hovel before, it now looks like a post-nuclear hovel...
The man said that once it has been sanded, the wood will be 'honey' colour. If that means bluh yellow I think we'll dye it a little darker...

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Hidden parquet ahoy!

There's something about parquet that's typically Parisian for me. Back in England we like our carpet. In Spain they have tiles. As beautiful as all that may be, there's nothing like parquet.

For the moment, our flat has hideous lino. Under that is solid concrete. But under that it would seem that there is hidden gold; parquet! And not any old parquet in straight lines, but parquet in point de hongrie. No idea what that is? Well instead of the ordinary up and down parquet that only reasonably rich people have, it's zigzag parquet for the ultra posh. Feast your eyes on this...
Photo shamelessly stolen from www.atdg.com. They have some really amazing parquet, if you're into that. Go get!

Lovely looking, isn't it? For the moment it's difficult to know exactly in what state our parquet is (and even harder to imagine it looking anything like the photo above), but the fact that we can see some of it means that there's a chance we'll be able to restore all it. Yippee!

It beggars belief that anyone would cover this up with concrete and lino...

Anyway, I have the wonderfully-named Europarquet coming round next week (shame they're not called Europarquet 2000. Now that's a flash name) and they'll be poking about and giving me a quote. More on that soon.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Respect the architect

Screen cap from The Fountainhead. Click here to buy the DVD (zone 1)

Things are starting to get rolling. The double glazing man has been round to do a quote, and we have whittled our choice of architects down to two (both women actually).

They both have interesting ideas, even if the apartment is not be quite as big as the one above. Seems choosing between them will be tough. More news on who got the job next week...