Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Suddenly things look bleak

Bastard bastard bastard estate agents!

We were supposed to sign off on the flat tomorrow (10th April), but we just got a call from our lawyer, and it looks like the whole thing is off. Un-fuggin'-believable.

We knew that the flat originally had a cellar, and that the owner had decided to split the two and sell us just the apartment. However, we didn't know that any lot splitting has to be OK-ed by the building management at their annual general meeting... and this hasn't been done. If we go through with the sale, it could be cancelled by them afterwards.

Of course, the agency selling the apartment neglected to mention this.

Also, despite the fact that the flat has been measured by a qualified surveyor, our architect called and said that she had made her own measurements, and there's over 1m² missing! I went over, and she's right; in the kitchen he has marked one wall as being 1m70 whereas in reality it is 1m40. Not only does this mean that the planned kitchen won't fit in there, it also means we are paying 8,000 euros (£6,300 / $12,500) too much for the apartment.

Add to that the fact that I have been merrily chipping away at the lino to reveal the parquet (leaving a giant messy hole) and it looks like we are in serious trouble. Bastards!

We should know during the course of the day if our lawyer wants to go through with it or not. Our lovely little apartment near the Pompidou Centre may be slipping through our fingers... More news shortly.

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