Monday, 23 June 2008

More ceiling, slightly less wall

After finding a strange space behind the kitchen wall (that we could turn into badly needed extra room), that part of the wall has now been knocked though and special soundproof plasterboard bought to go over it. Every centimetre counts...

The old electric meter will be changed and moved next Monday by a qualified technician.And the first part of the kitchen/bathroom ceiling is up! Not sure if I'm impressed or a bit scared as things slowly start to come together...Other news: I've ordered the home cinema system and got the metal thingy to hang the flatscreen telly on. Oh, and the parquet man came round. He was very smiley. I think that means it's going to be expensive. More on that soon. Oh, and one of the workmen kindly told he that he'd "gone and got the bog". Phew!

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