Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Tile design

OK, let's forget wallpaper for a couple of seconds.

We love cement tiles, Barcelona-style (and we love Barcelona) and really wanted some for the new flat. After trawling around the web we found three or four companies that make them, but the colours were a bit grim and the designs could have been more inspiring.

The first company we had in mind had horrific transport costs. Then came Mosaic Del Sur. They have a showroom just outside of Paris (erm, it's just one room) and they also let you choose a design and customise it with your own colours.

With around fifty different designs and twenty colours, it was difficult to make a choice, but Alain came through with a sort of classic meets modern, daring purple and turquoise effort that sounds puke-making but looks lovely.

Now we just have to order and wait 7 weeks for them to be delivered. 7 weeks!

I can also recommend these two lovely books, great for inspiration. You can buy them mega cheap here.

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