Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Are you gay?

Are you? Well good for you. Frankly, who isn't these days?

We missed Gay Pride in Paris this year (700,000 people, the biggest street event of the year!) but it did strike me that the new apartment happens to be right in the pinkest, proudest, gayest epicentre of all things homosexualist. Liza Minelli even has a flat on our street! (erm, this is not true).

We'll be telling you a lot more about the area's numerous gay establishments in further posts. First stop? 20 seconds from our front door is the nightclub and restaurant Les Bains Douches. Claude Challe (now of the Buddha Bar) first made his mark here. David Guetta ran it for a long time, before starting to make lowest common denominator house/techno. It's now run by one the guys who used to look after the (now decidedly pikey) Queen club on the Champs Elysées, and is consequently almost exclusively gay.
On the official site I see that there are currently a whole host of nights sporting large-torsoed men and deliberate spelling mistakes (why do they do that?) such as Mecx or S'plash. Hernan Cattaneo is playing on Friday 11th July (free vodka and Red Bull until 1am!). They also have a night that I'd like to try out (back on in September I think) called Yes Sir I Can Boogie. It's for bears and I'm a sucker for a beard. I'm also intrigued by their Electro, Soul & Jazz dinner on a Friday...

By the way, the building itself is grand, and used to be a public bathhouse.
I think they still have a small swimming pool in the basement...

Imagine clubbing there and only having a 20-second walk to get back home and fall into bed. Yes!

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