Tuesday, 8 July 2008

How high is a step? How high is a shower?

The bathroom is starting to shape up, and problems of getting everything on the same level are making my brain hurt.
There's going to be a step up from the kitchen to the bathroom, but the tiles haven't been laid yet, and it's tiring to try and work out whether they will be on the same level as the shower, or even whether they should be on the same level as the shower; as it it has rounded edges, the joint around the edge will look strange.

In the end, it looks like there will be a slight step up for the shower, for two reasons.

1. The shower tray has to be at a certain height as the drainage pipe exit is quite high, and you have to have a certain degree of tilt between the shower and the drain.
2. The alternative would be to make the step between the kitchen around 20cm, whereas the average for a step is more like 16cm, and I don't want people tumbling out of the bathroom into the kitchen and onto the opposite wall!

As for the rest of the apartment, there's been a first coat of paint, with a second due in the next few days. It's starting to look like - gasp! - somewhere you could live!

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