Monday, 11 August 2008

Double glazing

Our new windows have arrived and been fitted. Yes!

The old windows were only single-glazed, and although noise isn't a problem in the courtyard, I think we should gain a few degrees in winter and have even more tranquil calm than before!

They make an instant difference to the look of the place too...
Two little problems though;

1. They forgot the polished glass for the bathroom, so that's going to be changed asap. Exhibitionists can always open the window if they still want the neighbours to see ;-)
2. Now that we've raised the floor, the barrier outside (called a "garde-fou", or literally "something to stop mad people falling out") is a bit too low. As we're in a conservation areas, I'm not sure we're allowed to raise it. Note to self: must check that out with the building administrators...

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