Friday, 5 September 2008

Our revolutionary radiator

We were looking for a mirror for the apartment, and a good way to heat the place. As there's not a lot of space, we had the inspired idea of going for a mirror radiator.
This one is made by French company Verelec, and it uses patented technology that they have developed together with the National Centre for Scientific Research, winning an innovation prize in 2004. It heats using infrared, meaning that it's more eco-friendly (up to 30% less electricity) and less likely to annoy allergies by circulating dust as traditional heaters do. The manufacturing process is also ecological, and the radiator itself is composed of just glass, aluminium and steel (no extraneous nasty substances). Also, it gets up to full power in less than 10 minutes, much quicker than traditional heaters. We've decided to hook it up to a thermostat to make the sure room temperature is properly controlled.

Of course, it's also rather handy as a mirror and will look great in the little niche near the door of the front room.

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