Saturday, 13 September 2008

Wallpaper - the £200 mistake

Who would have thought that a simple thing like wallpaper could cause so many problems?

Firstly, we had major doubts about the pattern, which is pretty strong. Some doubting Thomases said that our guests' eyes would go screwy with the TV on the same wall. I disagree.

Secondly, the whole lot of paper had to go back because the edges were cut roughly and wouldn't match up.

Thirdly, our guys spent two hours trying to get just one strip up because a) every single tiny little fold in the paper shows up really strongly and, b) there are loads of ripples left in it (hopefully they will go when it dries out).

But the worst was yet to come... It was only after staring at it for half an hour, admiring it and thinking how good the whole wall was going to look, that it finally struck me. Notice anything wrong?

That's a hot air balloon there. They've hung the paper upside down.

So now we have to go and buy another roll. Ker-ching! £200.

2 commentaires:

Pearlyqueen said...

I don't think that's a hot air balloon. Check with the designer before you shell out ...

Pearlyqueen said...

...mind you, there are some bell-like flowers, and they are DEFINITELY upside-down...