Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Am I a nerd? Yes I'm a nerd.

It was one of the last things we bought for the apartment - a doormat. The original one was, well, completely worn out. So I bought a new one, which turned out to be tiny. Like, ridiculously small. And plain.

And then I came across this one, and just knew I had to have it.

As you might be able to see, it' just a leetle too big, but I can't bring myself to hack bits off the edges with a bread knife, so for the moment it's staying like that. Until someone from the building swipes it, of course...

I think it sets the tone for the apartment even before you're in the apartment. It sort of says 'we don't take ourselves too seriously', and 'enjoy life' and - inevitably - 'I'm a nerd'. Whatever. I love it.

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