Thursday, 30 October 2008

Another mosaic / collage bonanza

Been having wild fun with Picnik's new collage feature. Well, perhaps not wild fun, but some fun. Thought it would be nice for y'all to be able to get a quick idea of the apartment without wading through forty photos. I don't have time for that. Do you have time for that? (if so then please visit our extensive Flickr gallery here!).

So, kitchen collage is above. Had to get the kettle in (love that kettle) and the extremely chic and consequently dear pots & pans. And - ooh! - a black rubber colander!

Here's the living room again. I'm sure you're sick of seeing it. I still love it with a vengeance...
And here's the lovely bathroom, all toasty and shiny. If only I lived there myself...

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