Thursday, 2 October 2008

If we're so great, where have we been for the last two weeks?

Well, sometimes real life takes over from the much more amusing, interactive virtual world of the internets. What have we been up to? Getting the apartment ready for the first visitors, and it was a bit of a mad rush.

For two weeks I suffered from seriously painful RPP: Rich People's Problems. So much shopping to do! How do I get all these plants home? The organic duvet's the wrong size! Know what I mean?

With only five days before the first guests arrived, we somehow stupidly realised that we had... nothing. No bed linen, no table, no chairs, no crockery, cutlery, bowls, cups, washing-up liquid, towels, cushions, doormat, glasses, coat hangers, nothing... Thus followed days of non-stop shopping, lugging things home on foot or with an overloaded bicycle, then going back out and doing it all again.

Then there was unless unpacking, washing, getting the heating to work, getting the DVD system to work, getting the radio to work, getting the wi-fi to work... RPP? Tell me about it.

And the result? OK, there are a few little things that still need tweaking (like crappo cable TV won't work for me, the shower likes splashing water over the bathroom floor, the work surface in the kitchen goes from black to white if you leave a drop of water on it) but apart from that, IT'S READY! OUR GREAT APARTMENT IS READY!

And below are a few photos that I hope will make you want to come and stay in it. The blog is far from over. Although we started off documenting the renovation process, we're now going to explore the area around the apartment and tell you about all the funky shops, restaurants and other establishments of a naughty nature so that even if you come to stay and don't know Paris, you'll have loads of suggestions to try out.

Hope to see you soon! (P.S. You can book directly at the top right of the site).

3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

I just love what you've done with the place. The wallpaper, floors and great appliances and details.
What are you charging by the week and month?

Jason Fist said...

Thanks for the compliments!We've made an effort with the details and I hope people will appreciate it.

The apartment can only be rented for a maximum of fourteen nights (minimum is three). Prices are generally between 68 and 150 euros depending on the length of stay and how far ahead one books. During certain periods (Fashion Week, major trade fairs, etc.) the price may be slightly higher.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,
Thanks for the info, can I get your email address? Also wanted to let you know I posted about you on my blog, come check it out when you get a second!