Thursday, 23 October 2008

Our wonderful sofabed

I've mentioned this marvel of the modern world before (here) with a little film showing how simple it is to open and close. From the very beginning we knew there wasn't enough room in the apartment for a full-on bed, and decided to invest in a really good quality sofabed from Italy.

It's called 'Unico' and is made by by Bedeve Salotti. They have loads of high-quality, designer sofabeds. We went for this one because it has a two clever hidey-holes inside for the pillows, so all you have to do is open the thing up, pull the pillows out and put on the duvet. Voila!

During the day it looks like this:

Inviting! In the evening, it's great for chilling out or reading...

Lush! And at night it goes all snuggly wuggly like this:

Lovely, but how exactly does one get from magnificent sofa to firm-but-comfy bed in 2 seconds? Well luckily the manufacturers give you a little diagram for idiots. And here it is!
I especially like the way that there are five steps to open it out and just one to get it all folded back up again. Magic! Actually, it is: everyone we show it to is pretty much amazed. The sort of thing I wish I'd bought for my own damn apartment!

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