Monday, 24 November 2008

Extra giant flower turnover

After having bought all the various kit for the apartment we knew that there would still be some upkeep and regular spends to be made. For instance, I like to have a good flower display at the window and fresh flowers in the apartment when people arrive. I think it's the sort of detail that shows that we really do want people to feel at home and have a great stay with us in Paris. We love the city and we want people to get the best from it.

So, changing plants from time to time, OK. However, I didn't realise that they would need replacing almost every week. I mean I have this weird relationship with plants where I love 'em, buy 'em and then mercilessly water them to death. At the apartment, I'm not there to do that all the time, so I thought they might survive at least a little while. I was wrong.

During an unseasonal warm spell in October, many of the plants wilted and fell by the wayside. Later, the lavender I bought started (heavily) wilting from too much water. The veronica stopped flowering and went a ghostly yellow. Then the other week there was a small fire in the communal cellar. One of the smoke vents is just below the window box and tow of the plants decided it was a good excuse to wither and die. The tow succulents in the bathroom went all weedy and limp. This is not good.

So, once again, I've been down to the Quai de la Mégisserie (admittedly not far) and tried to choose between the multitude of shops and plants available. Here's the latest batch...

The bathroom's got hyacinths because they smell lovely and cost peanuts. Downside: they don't last long. Upside: means I won't have time to kill them..

Fern-type affair. Even I would be hard-pressed to overwater this baby. However the one I bought the week before looks a little ropey because I haven't been drowning it every other day (poor baby).

Hyacinths outside too because it's the season and, er, see above.

Add to this fantastic selection a luminous green pointy thing that I wasn't very keen on but some people seem to equate with posh. Each to his own...

And finally, the most expensive of them all but-I-love-it-to-bits, a mini arum lily. I once had one that lasted over a year, something of a personal record. Let's see how well this one will do...

As for the cut flowers at the top of this post, don't ask me what they are. I haven't the slightest idea. However, I do have a rock solid excuse for them expiring next week.

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