Thursday, 6 November 2008

I suck at Photoshop

Yes, I am very sucky at Photoshop. Luckily, the program has some automatic functions for the graphically-challenged like me, and one of them is Photomerge. It is, to cut 'n' paste the Adobe site, a "feature for creating a single composite image from multiple source images."

Sounds like exactly what I needed for taking a shot of the living room of the apartment. I don't have a wide angle lens, so I couldn't get the lovely sofa and the lovely wallpaper into one single photo. Enter - ta-dah! - Photomerge. I stood in one corner of the room, took about twenty photos, thrust them into Photoshop and it spat out this beauty:

You can sort of see it's a cheat because the wall's a bit curvy. I do clearly state on the Flickr page that it's a photomerge, and that our living room is not a panoramic ballroom of epic proportions. I do however love the result. Pretty seamless (apart from something dodgy going on at the window).

And it inspired me to go further. I wanted to get a big shot of the kitchen, which happens to be ⅓ the size of the living room. To make sure the photo stitching would be absolutely perfect I took a lot more photos, many many more, 119 in fact! Trembling, I fed them into Photoshop, expecting a beautiful sweeping vista to be produced. Photoshop coughed and whizzed, and five minutes later it pooped out this:

What the...? That's not the kitchen. That's what the kitchen would look like IF I HAD A MIGRAINE AND TOOK LSD.

So, computers are great, Photoshop is pretty cool, but it's comforting to know that sometimes a simple point and click is the best solution.

More (better) photos coming soon, thank goodness.

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