Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Our Xmas decorations are up!

Couldn't have the apartment looking all gloomy for the holidays, now could we?

I braved the cold (and psychotic Xmas shoppers) to get a bit of tinsel in, and recycled our very own camp-as-Christmas Christmas tree for y'all to admire. Ever seen anything so pink? May be slightly distracting if you're trying to watch telly (as in "agghhh, my retinas are on fire").
I'm not a great fan of fairies on trees, so we went the kitsch way and added an Indian deity instead...
There are also a few sparkly reindeer sweeping majestically through the front room...
...and even more pzazz near the window box. Now if all that doesn't get you in the mood for binge drinking, over-eating and shameless consumerism, nothing will!

Happy Holidays to all our guests, and all the rest of you too!

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