Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Feather Gallery - Galerie Plume

Galerie Plume is just two doors down from our apartment. I've been going past it several times a week for over a year now, and it might as well be called Galerie Vomit as far as I'm concerned; I think I've only ever seen one exhibition in there that I could call 'better than rubbish'. But hey, I'm no critic right?

Anyway, passing by last Thursday - surprise! - their new exhibition looked rather enticing. My enthusiasm was not to last long though; as soon as I stepped inside, a rather loopy-looking man ran to stop me from getting off the doormat. Wet paint, he said. When could I come back and see the exhibition then, I asked. 6pm, he said. It was already 3pm. His paint had 3 hours to really really dry.

As it happened, I couldn't go back that day and haven't been back since, so I can't really say if the exhibition lives up to its promise. Checking on the gallery's site, it turns out to be a collective effort by students of Paris' Beaux Arts school. Not only did I miss the grand opening with nasty wine and a 'performance' but if I don't get a move on I'm going to miss the whole thing: the exhibition ends January 23rd (from the looks of things, they opened a week late).

Happily, the following event looks interesting too. Starting January 30th there is a photo exhibition by the wonderfully-named Skye Parrott. She has photographed some rather cool groups (Test Icicles, Justice, Devendra Banhart, The Go Team, Arctic Monkeys) and has lots of other nice, unpretentious stuff visible on her site that I'd be happy to go and see at the gallery. If the paint's dry of course.

P.S. There are a lot more galleries in the area, and I'll be making sarcastic, uninformed comments about some of them in the near future. ;-)

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