Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A place to go for breakfast... or a 7pm drink

We rather like the bar La Fusée (2 minutes down the road from us, here). It's colourful, friendly and noisy without being a shouting match. The crowd is young, the décor's kinda grungy, the waitresses are always smiley... I like that kind of atmosphere, and it's a great change from the quiet, designer order of the apartment.

Stopping there for a quick crème the other day, I noticed that they offer three different types of breakfast, depending on how hungry or skint you are feeling.

- 2.80€ for a coffee and bread & jam (the board says 'tartine'. Could be Nutella, could be all sorts of things).
- 5.50€ for a hot drink (not limited to coffee), freshly-squeezed fruit juice or another type of juice (not freshly squeezed), and either a tartine or a pastry (usually a pain au chocolat, croissant or pain au raisin).
- or 10.50€ for the full-on I'm starving and I deserve it because I'm on holiday breakfast, with hot drink, juice, French toast (or eggy bread as I like to call it), and - good grief - a plate of cold cuts and cheese.

You may want to skip lunch after that. Here's a hint though: a glass of wine will help to get your appetite up again.

Another great thing about the bar: it's open every day from 11am until 2am. Simple! I'm looking forward to a little warmer weather to make the most of their terrace. Again.

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