Thursday, 26 February 2009

Curiosity shop you musn't miss

I've just written a r-e-a-l-l-y long (but obviously rather good) article for the Paris Newsblog about amazing, eerie, unique Parisian curiosity shop Deyrolle on the left Bank. Part posh gardening shop (hosted by the Gardener Prince himself) part "little shop of horrors" filled with stuffed beasts, part educational eco-friendly wake-up call, the place was devastated by a major fire just over a year ago and is only just getting back up to speed (two rooms are still closed). Definitely worth a visit, and absolutely free to boot!

You can read the article, see the photos, watch the mini-film and get the address here.

2 commentaires:

OochyKoochy said...

pauvre bête !

scary stuff, spooky and gives me the jitters

aren't you ashamed to promote animal torture ?

OochyKoochy said...

ils sont morts ? ah bon ??? c'est PAS UNE RAISON !

leave them alone !