Saturday, 21 February 2009

Great new cake shop near us. Not French.

OK, I love a greasy croissant or cardboard pain au chocolat as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just need something different, y'know? Unsurprisingly, I was pretty darn excited to hear about Berko.

Berko's speciality is cupcakes, not something you see in Paris very often. They have about fifteen different varieties in either I-could-eat-ten-of-those size or mind-melting-sugar-rush size, all with bright icing and original flavours like caramel and salted butter (our current favourite). Their shop at 23 rue Rambuteau (3 minutes from the apartment) and showcases not only their extensive selection of other cakes but also their great range of savoury tarts and soups. As far as I know there's nowhere else like it in the city.

We suggest you check out our extensive Flickr gallery to grasp the chronic weight problem delicious meal that awaits you. And don't bother getting there early; they open at 10.30am and take a couple of hours to lay everything out, but the wait is worth it!

Although their site ( isn't currently up and running, feel free to join their Facebook group if you've tasted and loved.

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4 commentaires:

OochyKoochy said...

isn't a bit too much like emetic French "nouvelle cuisine" ?

OochyKoochy said...

ok. tell the Oxford Dictionnary they're crap

OochyKoochy said...

t'inquiète. je voulais juste faire mon chieur français. je ne doute pas que ce soit délicieux, tout comme je ne doute pas que le très réputé chocolat chaud de chez Angelina soit vraiment très bon.

ps : je t'en supplie appelle un prêtre exorciste pour ton blog... le prochain CAPTCHA qu'il va me demander de taper sera "cryogénisation"... je vais finir par me vexer ! ;-)

Dr. Linda H. Foster said...

I cannot wait to visit all the great places listed in your blog near the Great apartment!