Friday, 13 March 2009

New season, new flowers

Flowers. Don't I go on about them? Why is that?

Well, when we initially planned the apartment, I didn't realise that the biggest everyday overhead would be... flowers. They bloom, they die, they dry out, they get too wet, they look great and then - all of a sudden - they look like I've sprayed them with bleach. Add to that inclement weather and my gardening skills (i.e. zero) and I suppose I should have realised that I'd be down at Vilmorin every couple of weeks picking up more.

Secretly of course, I love it. I'm much happier buying plants for the apartment than I am for my own place, for some strange reason. Here's a quick look at what we'll call the 'early Spring collection'. By the way, the lavender that was in there didn't make it, and the heather didn't pull through either, so I've replaced them with jasmine and, er, ranunculus? Is that the right word?

Full gallery (9 photos) can be seen here.

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