Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Eco-friendly taxi, airport transfer and Paris tours with EcovisitParis

Everyone booking some time in the apartment gets a confirmation e-mail with all the details about checking in, checking out, where we are, etc. etc. The e-mail also contains links to this blog (in the hope that some of it will come in handy) and another to EcovisitParis as part of our eco-friendly stance (which is partly explained here). So who are EcovisitParis?

Well, the company is basically the brainchild of Erwan Maizy, who saw a way of extending his personal ecological beliefs into a business. He offers several services aboard his hybrid Toyota Prius, the cleanest car in its class on the market:

- Airport transfers. For practically the same cost as a standard taxi, he'll pick you up at the airport, just after you get through customs (so no queueing for cabs) and drop you off at your destination.

- Guided Tours. 45- or 90-minute tours, during the day or in the evening to see the sights of Paris and learn about the city's latest eco-initiatives, or a parks & gardens tour to visit three of Paris' largest green spaces (the company is certified by the Paris Tourist Office).

- Special Versailles visit with lots of eco information during your visit.

- Chauffeur service. Have your own private driver and be safe in the knowledge that you are respecting the environment.

EcovisitParis speaks English (phew!), drives eco-responsibly (no Fast And Furious-style acceleration at traffic lights), has a selection of eco magazines for you to read, washes its cars without water (hmm, not sure how that one works...) and compensates the CO2 created during the daily running of the company.

By the way, we're not affiliated with them in any way: we just think it's a great idea. Plus, Erwan is genuinely motivated by his beliefs and very obviously enjoys his work, which is always a pleasure to see.

Check out their site and keep them in mind for your next visit to Paris!

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