Thursday, 2 April 2009

Great new jewellery and perfume concept store 30 seconds from the apartment

It's just on the next street, but you could easily walk past without noticing it: Les Néréides likes its semi-secret status (indeed, when I went to take pictures the only way to get in was to bang on the window. I guess they're still waiting to get a doorbell).

At 5 rue Bourg l'Abbé, they have transformed their offices into a two-level showroom & concept store with great jewellery and perfume beautifully displayed in a well-designed space. The place is light and airy thanks to a glass ceiling at the back corner and clever floor cut-outs that allow you see down to the basement.

Mixing contemporary design objects and vintage touches, there's an old world with-a-twist feel to the front of the shop, with old wooden furniture and an original staircase preserved (with fab wallpaper).

And the rest of the setting is both original and amusing. They obviously have a sense of humour and a great eye for colour...

The whole thing is pretty damn classy. Now if only I wore ladies jewellery... ;-)

You can check out the rest of our photos here on the Flickr gallery page or peruse their website here.

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