Monday, 20 April 2009

Reading material

I always thought that people who book an apartment in a city (rather than a hotel) probably know their way round a bit already. In my mind they prefer to have a place that they can call home for a while instead of just a room and bathroom that are magically cleaned every day. Our experience of guests tends to confirm the theory.

In order to really soak up the Paris atmosphere, and in addition to the magazines that we leave in the apartment for your lounging about time (Citizen K, Vivre Côté Paris...), there are also some books and a guide or two. Now we've added the above title. Just because we're lovely.

Well not just because we're lovely. It's also because a) it's in English, and b) it's really rather good! For someone who wants some decent insider tips about cool restaurants, bars and things to see in the city, it's ideal. I wish I'd had something like this when I arrived in Paris! It would have made things a lot simpler.

Check it out next time you're at the great apartment. Alternatively, you can order it here on for the princely sum of, er, 8.55€ plus postage & packing. Hey, we're lovely, not loaded. ;-)

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