Sunday, 5 April 2009

sweet ceramics shop on rue Montmorency

We always make sure that there are a couple of magazines in the apartment, something to flip through when chomping on a baguette at lunchtime, y'know?

One of them is Citizen K, a fashion mag with (fairly) decent articles, lots of photos and even more ads (plus, it only costs 1 euro. Aren't we good to you?). There's even an English language section at the back so francophobes can get the gist of what's being said (although I doubt that anyone really reads the whole thing with interest).

The other mag is Vivre Côté Paris which started publishing just over a year ago and contains loads information about new shops, restaurants, design, déco, etc. etc. We always find loads of interesting stuff in it, and there's an English-language summary at the end too.

I'd forgotten that a few month back the magazine had mentioned Le Petit Atelier de Paris, a rather lovely ceramics workshop/shop at 31 rue de Montmorency, literally 30 seconds from the apartment. The place is run by Frenchman Stéphane Froger (what a great name!) and Korean Jae-Hyun Cheong. The simplicity of the space and their work is appealing, even though I find their prices to be a little steep. They have a sweet minimalist blog too, if your French is up to it ('minimalist' in the sense that they only update it twice a month).

The article is below. Click on each image to see it big or you'll hurt your eyes, OK?

Le Petit Atelier de Paris, 31 rue de Montmorency, is open Thursday - Saturday from 1 - 8pm.

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