Monday, 18 May 2009

G. Detou - amazing old school cornucopia of yummy

Sometimes it seems like there's nothing of the old Paris left any more. Not more rude waiters, no grumpy shop assistants who don't speak a word of English, no men with black berets and strings of onions round their necks (er, there never were any).

However - as they say - Paree serrah too-jaaw Paree, and some things never change. G. Detou is one of those things. The name is a rather corny play on words (pronounced "J'ai de tout", meaning "We've got it all") and it's one of those places that once inside you just want to buy one of everything.

It's row after shelf after stack after pile of colourful boxes, packets and bottles with swirly writing and enticing ingredients and frankly, there aren't many places like it left in Paris.

Want authentic mustards, chutney, spices, truffle-flavoured oils? Here they are...

Flavoured oils? They've got a stack of 'em.

Tinned foie gras, confit de porc, sauté de canard ? Yep.

Dragées in every imaginable colour, delicious almond calissons or the most eccentric, delicately boxed cake decorations? They're here too...

Basically, they have everything your sugary or savoury stomach could wish for. But it's not just the products: the place is a step back in time, when packaging was colourful and elegant instead of buy me buy me buy me, when real products with heady tastes were made by family-run businesses. For someone visiting Paris, someone who likes their food, this place will make you go wild. And it's only five minutes from the apartment! Champagne!

You can check out the rest of our photos of the place here on Flickr. Walking directions are below. Of course they don't have anything so new-fangled as a website, but they're at 58 rue Tiquetonne and their oldschool opening hours are 8.30am - 6.30pm every day except Sundays.

Bigger map here

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