Friday, 8 May 2009

Our nearest (secret) park

You probably wouldn't find the Anne Frank Garden if you didn't know where it is. Hidden down what looks like a cobbled dead end, it's pretty new (opened in 2007) and rather wonderful.

You know the apartment's two minutes form the Pompidou Centre, right? Lord knows we keep hammering you over the head with it. Anyway, the Jardin Anne Frank is just at the corner of the Pompidou Centre too, although I challenge anyone to find it without having an in-depth, recent guide of the city. Even most Parisians don't know where it is!

At the top right corner of the Pompidou Centre you can see a crossroads, and just above that is Impasse Berthaud. Also home to the, er, doll museum, this is your way in to over 4,000m² of greenery split into three distinct areas: a cobbled entrance with flower beds (including a tree planted in memory of Anne Frank), a formal garden that will be great... once the plants have grown over the covered walkway on one side, and finally (our favourite) a grassy enclosed area that really gets the sun, with a kids play area and small market garden.

As we happen to be at the apartment fairly frequently (for things like check-in, check-out, upkeep, etc.) this is our favourite place in the area to go and eat a picnic lunch (from nearby cupcake shop Berko, for example) and a haven of piece, as it's surrounded by high walls and buildings on all sides. It also backs onto the Museum of Jewish Art and History, a beautiful building that I must visit soon.

You can find where the park is on our new Google Map (honestly, it's amazing) that shows the location of all the stuff noted on the blog. Click here to have a look.

More photos in the Flickr gallery here.

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