Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Great, fab, amazing, cool restaurant
90 seconds from our doorstep

Two roads down from the apartment is rue des Gravilliers, and for a few years now - way before the apartment was a twinkle in our eye - I've been going to Andy Wahloo, a bar there at number 69 (click here to see where it is and how to get there). They have a great terrace in summer, great décor inside and - above all - a killer happy hour (6 - 8pm) with cocktails at 5€ and Heineken at 3€.

I stopped going after realising that two of their lethal cocktails was enough to slur my speech and impede my ability to get a proper sentence together. Anyway...

Last October, the people behind Andy Wahloo opened a restaurant in the courtyard behind the bar and called it Derrière. It's decked out like an apartment (with a motorbike and ping pong table on the ground floor for example), has really cool rooms upstairs, and a secret entrance into the fumoir... Oooh!

After being hyped up for 6 months (they refused to give out their phone number and just let the buzz rise, which it inevitably did) it's now gone 'overground' and everyone can book (and we advise you to).

I've written an in-depth article all about our night there (which was a lot of fun) and you can read it here. There's a quick slideshow below, but for the full details you'd better read the report, which has loads of luscious photos and the full low-down.

If you fancy a yummy evening out, with two floors of coolness and the possibility of being able crawl home afterwards, this would be the place to go.

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