Monday, 8 June 2009

What's new at the apartment?

It's true to say that once you've spent time renovating an apartment and it's finally finished, things tend to stay more or less the same. There's basic upkeep of course, a touch of paint here, changing a bulb there, and endlessly replacing frazzled plants, but apart from that the basic fixtures tend to remain the same.

Well, we like to keep things updated at the Great Apartment, and we think little touches can make all the difference. For example, we'd had a few comments about the magnetic hooks that held the tea towel and hand towel in the kitchen. They looked great when I bought them, but they turned out to be extremely weedy, and often dragged down the metal door to the floor. Balancing a tea towel on them was an extremely delicate affair.

In a word, they were crap. It took me a while to find a decent solution: They do a whole range of devilishly strong Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets, and their 'pawns' seemed perfect for us, so... goodbye crappo hooks, hello ridiculously strong aluminium pawns!

They are so strong in fact that I had a hard time pulling them off the door (don't worry, you'll manage).

And what else is new? Well, it's not very exciting, but we've bought a new hair dryer and a new umbrella because both, er, "disappeared". You'll find the umbrella tucked away in the kitchen near the front door, and the hair dryer in the bathroom. Hopefully, if the weather stays good, you won't need to use the latter because you forgot to take the former.

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