Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bob's Kitchen

Our street is kinda quiet and sleepy, but rue des Gravilliers, 30 seconds away, is a hive of cool places to eat and drink (such as Derrière, the rather wonderful apartment-cum restaurant that we mentioned here).

Now there's another cool eating emporium to add to the list: Bob's Kitchen. Bob is actually called Mark Grossman. He has a juice bar in the 10th arrondissement (here, near the canal) that very quickly became one of the hippest places in town to have lunch, brunch or a smoothie (which the French tend to pronounce smooooosssy. Makes me laugh every time).

He's also a cheery bloke and minor star after having two books published with his delicious muffin recipes (subtitled "different and authentic") and smooooosssy recipes (truthfully but verbosely subtitled "fruit and vegetables cocktails by an American in Paris"). Up until now, the main problem has been the size of Bob's Juice Bar: tiny. So I was really pleased to read the other day that Bob/Mark had opened a new place next to the Great Apartment called Bob's Kitchen. Yay! And one morning last week I went down there to take some photos of it! Double yay!

The place has the same minimalist and kooky vibe as his juice bar. Lots of wood, lots of white, plus enough space for an electric guitar, a piano and Woody Allen-style jazz tinkling in the background.

The menu is short and simple with several varieties and two sizes of juice/smoothie/milkshake available with or without spirulina or maca supplements, soups, salads, stews, vegetable rolls...

And of course Bob wouldn't be Bob without his famous desserts, both healthy and yummy: apple pie, porridge with fruit and muesli, organic yoghurt, pancakes (for the brunch on Sundays), cookies, muffins... Yum! (Check out the menu here). And if you like what you eat, you can even buy the book!

There are lots of other little details that make Bob's Kitchen a relaxing place for lunch (they're not open in the evening). We suggest you try it out.

You can check out all our photos of Bob's Kitchen here: tinyurl.com/bobskitchen.

Bob's Kitchen is at 74 rue des Gravilliers, this far away...

They're open every day from 8am - 3pm (Saturdays & Sundays 10am - 5pm).

They're also on our wonderful map of everything near the apartment that you can peruse by typing www.tinyurl.com/nearthegreatapartment or is.gd/wwff.

And if you become a hardcore fan, perhaps you'd like to join the Bob's Juice Bar Facebook group here?

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