Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Our favourite bar (great for stumbling home)

We've already mentioned the great restaurant Derrière which is just two streets down from the apartment. It's also in the same building as a really cool bar called Andy Wahloo. I've been going there fow a few years now, long before the apartment ever happened, especially as they have a great leafy terrace on the interior courtyard...

The place belongs to the same guys that founded Momo's in London, and the interior is a mix of trash-art luxury and Arab influences. It's unusual to find somewhere in Paris with a ceiling this high, and the décor makes full use of it.

The bar takes up all of the far wall, and opposite - between two tables - is a full DJ set-up because several times per month the bar becomes a semi-club around 10pm (perhaps you'd like to join their Facebook group to be kept updated?)

Best of all, Andy Wahloo have a WICKED happy hour from 6-8pm with Heineken at 3€ and lethal cocktails at 5€. I actually stopped going there for a while after realising that two cocktails made me incapable of getting a sentence together any more. Also, one of the waiters used to go out of his way to make me repeat the name of my favourite cocktail, loudly, several times (it's a Screaming Orgasm, that's why).

They also do light food if you're feeling peckish.

Andy Wahloo is at 69 rue des Gravilliers and they're open every day except Sundays and Mondays. It'll take you thirty seconds to get there from the apartment, perhaps a little more to get back, depending on how many Screaming Orgasms you've had.

Check out the rest of our photos here if you like. And of course, Andy Wahloo is on our Google Map of everything cool in the area at tinyurl.com/nearthegreatapartment.

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