Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Maps for the power shopper in you

When you arrive in a city it's not always easy to get your bearings quickly. For any power shopper this is obviously a serious problem. Yeah, we can all find H&M and Zara (and the Zine Fashion Store is difficult to miss), but where's the real good stuff? The designer boutiques? The important finds?

The Paris Mini Guides are free little maps giving you all the pointers to the best designer shops. They're bilingual (with some info also in Russian, Chinese and Japanese) and stuffed to the brim with great addresses: 200 alone for the map of the Marais, the area around the Great Apartment. Look!

There's also a map available for the posh Palais Royal area which apparently starts at rue Tiquetonne, also just two minutes from the Great Apartment. This time though there's 'only' 150 addresses. Shame...

They also do a guide to Saint Germain and have a new map for art, decoration and design coming out in November and their first Montmartre map due in March 2010.

The maps can be found in various places (list of outlets here), but as we are super super nice, you'll also find them waiting for you in the Great Apartment. Feel free to keep 'em. And pass on your tips if you come across something amazing!

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