Monday, 21 September 2009

Marc Jacobs
and the sweet smell of the Great Apartment

I'm not much of a label hound (food shopping at Monoprix doesn't count), but I do admit to having a slight soft spot for Marc Jacobs, partly for the great Jürgen Teller photography that accompanies his advertising and partly for the sheer cheek/courage of being both artistic director at Vuitton and a very public newly wed homosexualist.

Whilst riding around town the other day I came across what can only be described as a Marc Jacobs enclave on one corner of the Marché Saint Honoré, just 2 seconds from hip (but hateful) store Colette. Here, you'll find two outlets called Marc by Marc Jacobs, apparently his diffusion line: both boutiques (one for men and another - bigger and much more interesting - for women) are crammed full of extremely cheap items branded with the Marc Jacobs name: umbrellas, key fobs, bags, t-shirts... as well as a few full-priced articles such as sunglasses and a selection of art books. If you want to show off and save money at the same time, this would be the place to go.

A third shop is due to open soon for Jacobs' children's line called Little Marc Jacob. Ah, bless!

After going to the place a few times, I'm afraid that we did eventually succumb to the hype. Unfortunately, the room fragrance I had seen presented in-store and wanted to buy wasn't actually available there, and I had to go to the rather more upmarket and stuffy Palais Royal outlet to get it, where they were playing reggae with no bass, the idjuts.

Anyway, if you come to stay at the Great Apartment you'll be able to get the sweet smell of Marc Jacob's designer wonderfulness every day! That's how chic you are.
You'll find the Parisian location of the wonderful (and cheap) world of Marc by Marc Jacobs on our lovely Google map of all things cool, here:

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