Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Great Apartment on Paris Incognito

We were recently contacted by a new site called Paris Incognito, as they liked the Great Apartment and wanted to add it to the site. It's always nice to get a bit of love like that. Especially free love.

Their article starts "There is nothing cooler than staying in a chic Parisian flat during your visit to the City of Lights," which is hard to argue with, unless of course you think winning the lottery would be quite 'cool' too.

Anyway, the site is actually pretty sleek and has some very decent info on it for English-speakers who need a few ideas before arriving in Paris. For instance, they mention new restaurant Les Enfants Perdus, which isn't half bad, and my favourite bar Chez Jeannette (that we told you about here). Obviously we give you as much info as we can, but you can never have too many good insider tips I suppose...

The site seems to be more about quality than quantity (updates can be sparse) but that's a good thing, surely?

You can check out Paris Incognito here. Many thanks to them!

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