Saturday, 3 October 2009

We are 1 year old!

Gratuitous, not to say incongruous baby otter photo by Loutron Glouton, used under cc licence

It was our oneth anniversary yesterday! The Great Apartment was rented out for the first time on 1st October 2008, and although the bathroom sink arrived a day later (!) things started off pretty swimmingly. And frankly, we can't complain about everything that happened next either.

The place has been busy since the very start and we've met a whole bunch of lovely people from all over the world (and not a single French tenant yet, which is slightly odd). We'd like to thank all our guests: you've helped us make our project work. We're so grateful and you've all been wonderful! Erm, apart from the man that left some very grimy underpants behind, but we've almost forgotten that unfortunate incident.
And what better way to finish off the first year's rental than with this lovely surprise? The last guests to check out left us this wonderful present of smart chocolates and posh champagne to say 'thanks'. We were bowled over! It's a topsy-turvy world: we should be thanking you!

So once again, the Great Apartment in Paris says thanks to all of you, for everything. Sincerely. It's been a great year and we are truly, truly grateful.

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