Sunday, 15 November 2009

L'Éclaireur, rue de Sévigny - poshness, cardboard and attitude in abundance

I don't think I'll ever have enough money to buy anything at l'Éclaireur, and certainly not the desire. This haughty, exclusive emporium has just opened a new branch not far from the Great Apartment on rue de Sevigny, and peacock proud of it they are too. Selling v-e-r-y expensive clothes and - yawn - smelly candles, it's a microcosm of almost everything we detest about Paris posing.

Admittedly, we hadn't planned on going, but came across the store by accident on the way to somewhere way cooler that we'll be telling you about soon.

After being greeted with the quickest-falling smile I've seen in Paris for a while, the hostess was busy showing off the new Microsoft Surface touchscreen. She thought it made her look like something out of Minority Report. We though it made her look like a dick. Another surly/emaciated shop girl very quickly barked at us that photos weren't allowed. So we took them anyway.

It's an interesting space to be sure, but the décor reminded me of the sets from Buck Rogers, or things we made at school with painted egg boxes. The official website boasts that there are 147 screens and two tons of wood contributing to this kinetic, organic, er, eyesore designed by Studio Arne Quinze. We think it looks more like the interior of an oversized treehouse or the chillout room at some crusty rave. And there's more than a faint whiff of indecency coming from a shop that sells overpriced black clothes against a faux-favela backdrop.

The only thing that caught our eye in a good way was the lighting presented in the front window, designed by Hani Rashid and made by Zumtobel. Good to keep in mind for when I win the lottery and buy that minimalist designer château...

Our visit lasted slightly less than a minute, I think. If you have lots of money, like being fawned at and need clothes in safe earth tones, l'Éclaireur is at 40 rue Sévigné, not very far from the Great Apartment. Tell them we say hi! (and make sure they realise it's ironic).

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lady jicky said...

You stayed that long????? LOL
Noone in the world can do that quick smile like the French - I'd be doing a permanent smile if I had that job! Easy.
What a mess that place is and whats with all that insane wood-shavings thingy in there!
The place is horrid - I give it a year.