Saturday, 23 January 2010

La note rouge, a rather smart new wine shop two seconds from the Great Apartment!

It's my opinion that French wine and French cheese is reason enough to live in France. They are probably why I've never considered going back to live in England. It's just inconceivable. Imagine my joy then when I came across a brand new wine store at the end of our street, just next to Zine Fashion Store. Give a big welcoming 'glug' to La Note Rouge!

As you can see, it's in a former Bonneterie (in fact, we even showed you the old store-front in our article explaining Bonneteries here). Three young men have pooled their skills to create a wine shop with a difference...

Firstly, they've chosen a modern, minimalist style that's radically different from most wine shops that have rows and rows and rows and rows and rows and rows of bottles. Of course, quantity does not mean quality, and La Note Rouge's hand-picked selection means that you're not left bewildered.

The first room of the shop is mainly for reds, with a second room out back for whites. There are touchscreens in both that allow you to browse the catalogue in various ways: you can choose your wine by region, taste, price, by the food that will accompany it... the screen will guide you, and wines can also be rated and commented on by anyone visiting the website, giving the whole thing an interactive quality. Very cool. Of course, you can always ask the guys for a little help too, and with 75% of the stock under 20€, you should be able to find something in your price range.

They also have their own blog, a Facebook page, tasting sessions with the wine producers themselves and soon a proper tasting room that is reached via the courtyard, with large sofa, flatscreen TV... All very modern, web 2.0 etc. And they're not frightened to shake things up a little: when I went, the background music was Guns & Roses! Yep, these guys are different, and extremely personable to boot. Check them out!

La Note Rouge is at 212 rue St Martin, and you'd have to be extremely short sighted not to see it when leaving the apartment (turn right, then left and you're there). They are also on our map of all things uber-cool near the apartment here:

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Tarik Mousselmal said...

Great Pics !
Thanks for the article

Sethuram said...

Awesome decoration !
Cant wait to taste it !!