Friday, 5 February 2010

Now the Paris breakfast lasts all day long

Only the French could come up with the idea of a restaurant that only serves breakfast, but does it all day long. And frankly, what a great idea it it!

Twinkie Breakfasts (notice the plural) has taken root in what used to be a peepshow on rue Saint Denis. Apparently sex doesn't sell like it used to, or perhaps breakfast is the new sex? Anyway, the rue Saint Denis is enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment, with a couple of new organic places, and now Twinkie Breakfast. I decided to drop in and take a few photos.

I really like the simplicity of the décor. Beamed ceiling, bare stone walls, white and wood furniture. The kitchen's behind glass in a far corner, and the restaurant also sells a few basic American produce like maple syrup and marshmallows.

The staff are all really friendly, apart from one man who looks a lot like THE BOSS and seems annoyed ALL THE TIME. Not the that the customers are bothered: the place gets very full on weekends (haven't tried it out during the week yet) with a local crowd of upwardly mobile hipsters.

I really like the sense of humour they've applied to the window displays, a sort of ragtag collection of silly stuff that raises a smile.

So, what do they actually serve? Well, apart from the bagels and club sandwiches, you have the choice between seven different breakfasts costing between 12 and 19€ ; French, English and American breakfastss are the basics, but there are more daring choices like Arouat Boker ('breakfast' in Hebrew - thanks Sharon!) which includes a hot drink of your choice, freshly squeezed fruit juice, two fried or scrambled eggs, salad (cucumber, tomato, peppers, tuna, olives, goats cheese), fresh fruit salad, a selection of breads and butter, jam, honey and Nutella to put on them. Wow! That sounds like on hell of a copious breakfast.

There's also a gluten and lactose free breakfast, which is pretty unusual for Paris (where even a vegetarian option is often hard to find). The Twinkie crew is also careful to mention that all the eggs used are organic.

Could be useful if you wake up late and have a breakfast craving. If if you're tired from shopping and have a breakfast craving. In any case, it's good to see the rather ropey rue Saint Denis taking a step up.

Twinkie Breakfasts is at 167 rue Saint Denis, just 5 minutes from the Great Apartment. They're open from 9am until about 7pm (nope, no breakfast for dinner as yet). The walking map's below. And if you see THE BOSS there, give him a loving smile... and hope he doesn't bite you.

**UPDATE** We ate there this weekend, and the place was packed (table of 17 for a girly birthday!). Service was a bit wonky:

- the various elements of the breakfast were all served separately, several minutes apart
- my beer didn't turn up, then when I asked for it they served me the wrong one
- the lactose-free breakfast came with butter instead of the margarine marked on the menu
- the orange juice was completely forgotten
- to say sorry they gave us the beer free, but got the amount wrong and tried to charge us 5 euros too much!

However, the staff are all super nice and down to earth, the food was good and that guy that scowls turns out to be THE COOK rather than THE BOSS - and he even let slip the odd smile or two!