Friday, 16 April 2010

The Great Apartment welcomes a sports star!

Alright, perhaps not a famous sports star, but one of our most recent guests did come to stay in order to run the Paris Marathon: Sharon Afek from Israel. I didn't know that the Paris marathon was such a major event, but Sharon told me that it's the third most important in Europe.

You have to admire his devotion; running a marathon means months and months and months of training, getting up ridiculously early every morning to run tens of kilometres, eating a special diet, putting up with pains in various parts of your body... and all this while holding down a full-time job too. Definitely not for me.

So how did Sharon do? Amazingly well! 286th out of over 30,000 participants. That's in the top 1%! And the result adjusted for age places him 87th in his class! I think that's incredible. Sharon even managed to shave a few minutes off his best ever time, finishing in 2 hours 45 minutes and 53 seconds. Here he is crossing the finishing line (you'll see him about 40 seconds in, on the right, wearing sunglasses, a cap and a dark blue top...

Shame Paris didn't win the Olympics this year. The Great Apartment could have been the locker-room for all sorts of sporting types! Anyway, well done again to Sharon. Amazing result.

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