Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Les mille feuilles. Not cake. Better.

We've been past Les Mille Feuilles quite a lot over the years. It's on our bike route from the centre of town back home (and now just a few minutes from the Great Apartment). For a long time it was a rather posh (i.e. expensive) florist, but a few years back it transformed into a boutique selling decorative items for the home. Funnily enough, until about a year ago I'd been past it a thousand times and never gone in.

The building itself is actually something spectacular, especially after having been cleaned not long ago. The windows have some amazing detail around them, quite unusual for Paris.

Entering the shop for the first time, I was surprised by the other-worldly atmosphere of the place. It's a sort of cornucopia of the pleasingly odd, with things you can place (glasses, candle-holders, paperweights) things you can hang (pictures, mirrors) and things you can use to beautify (cushions, lampshades, artificial flowers, knick-knacks). If we had a bit more room at the Great Apartment, some of this stuff would be lovely.

Perhaps it's a sign of ageing, but I really like the quirkiness of some of the stuff, the almost kitsch details. For instance, I'm not a fan of fake flowers, but the porcelain orchid is kinda cute. And the fake pile of coins is almost exactly the same as one my grandfather gave me many, many years ago.

And it seems you have a choice, either an outrageous cavalcade of colour...

...or mostly black and white and silver.

Although a subtle mix of the two or a touch of gold work too, as long as you've got a taste for the daring and a sense of humour.

We love Les Mille Feuille's devil-may-care over-the-topness. It's refreshing to find something a bit different, and the prices aren't excessive at all. They've just opened a 2nd shop too, a little further into the Marais and slightly larger with a slightly more contemporary feel. Haven't been yet, but it's on my list.

Les Mille Feuilles is at 2 rue Rambuteau (here). There are more photos in our Flickr gallery here. And they're also on our maps of all things amazing here: www.tinyurl.com/nearthegreatapartment.

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