Friday, 30 July 2010

Abruzze. Yummy Italian-ness.
And Corsican-ness. And Spanish-ness.

Being in the centre of town, there are many, many eating options near the Great Apartment (click here to see a few), and although Abruzze isn't a restaurant, it might be a good option for a snack at lunchtime. Each day, they make up fresh sandwiches with different Italian meats (or Corsican, or Spanish), and you can add an Italian cake and a drink for 7.50€, which isn't expensive.

You can eat in if you want, or perhaps take your mini meal to the nearby Jardin Anne Frank.
The store also has plenty of other sliced meats, cheeses and dry foods that look rather yummy. If you're in Paris and don't have time to pop down to Italy or Spain, you could just buy all the food here!
They also have an enticing selection of wine and drinks, perfect for taking back to the Great Apartment. Everything you need for l'apéritif!
Abruzze is at 33 rue de Montmorency (just turn left out of the apartment and you'll see it on the opposite pavement before you get to the main road). As they say on their sign, Buon appetito :-)

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