Sunday, 11 July 2010

Inspiring horticulture

We've always made an effort with our plants at the Great Apartment. The window box in the main room is renewed regularly (er, because things keep succumbing to my relentless overwatering) and the geraniums at the bathroom window were added in Spring of 2009 (although they all died off and had to be replaced after the extremely cool winter we had last year). Very well they are doing too.

We even bring the green-ness indoors with a plant in the bathroom and a little cut flower in a vase in the main room. Sometimes they're sweet, sometimes they are undeniably super lovely...

Until now it seemed that this effort had gone completely unnoticed by the neighbour opposite our bathroom though; his windows had remained desperately bare... until very recently, when we were glad to see that he'd finally invested in a window box, a pot holder, a tub and even the watering can to look after it all. Perhaps we have inspired him! Soon his plants will be looking very funky indeed.

But wait just a second. How funky is funky? I mean, what exactly is our neighbour growing? Let's get a close-up...
Man! That is the weediest weed I've seen for quite a while. You can tell he's new at this. Some gardening lessons would probably do him the world of good. Mind you, I suppose that if he had an enormous lush bush of the stuff, the rest of the building might hassle him for a leaf or two... ;-)

P.S. Neither of us are ever going to rival this façade on rue de Montmorency. Impressive (and slightly annoying) indeed!

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