Thursday, 23 September 2010

Are vacation rentals still legit?
Well, are they? ARE THEY?

Funny you should ask (the answer is 'yes', of course, before you start getting worried).

I may or may not have commented for this recent article on the Budget Travel site, and that may or may not be the window box at the Great Apartment adding floral splendour to the page. Yay!

Click the image to read the full article, given extra incite by the rather wonderful Meg Zimbeck. More about her very soon...

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Our cute new table lamp

I actually quite liked the old lamp. Tall. Majestic. Chic. Cost 25 euros. Can't really argue with that.

But one day a couple of weeks ago, the bulb went. At least I thought it had gone. I went to the trouble of buying a new, energy-saving, eco-friendly bulb (15 euros!), and it still didn't work. I tried taking the lamp apart. Impossible. I tried to open the switch unit and plug to see if anything was the matter there. No dice. It was all very solidly moulded together. And utterly, utterly dead.

So there was no choice but to go and buy another lamp. And with guests arriving the next day, it had to be done pronto! Luckily, we have one of Paris's greatest department stores - BHV - just a few minutes away. After wandering round their lighting section getting more and more distraught, I finally came across this adorable fella.
He just happens to be by the same people that make both our overhead lamp in the living room and the little light over the mirror radiator: Artemide. Their stuff is great. And not cheap. But great. But not cheap.

Anyway, it was gold(ish), it was smart, and I was desperate. There you have it. Hope you like it!
Wondering what track was playing on my iPhone during the photo shoot?
Amusingly, it's called Let's Get Intimate! Click here for more info on my music blog.