Wednesday, 8 December 2010

New! New mirror! New HD video tour of the premises! That's a whole lot of new!

As if the bathroom hadn't had enough love and attention already this year (repairs, additional tiling, extractor fan), recent events dictated changing the mirror.
I really liked our previous mirror; discrete, it swivelled round to store toiletries, looked smart and, er, cost only 55€. Then the cleaning lady pulled it off the wall. Then I screwed it back on again. Then it fell off during the night and gave some of our guests a nasty fright.

Although it was intact, two corners had been seriously smashed, and it was very obviously time take to take action. So, I had a new mirror cut, lugged it across town and fixed it to the wall, aided by the ever wonderful Alain. Frankly, I'm a little surprised that it's still hanging there ;-) Anyway, it does make the bathroom feel bigger, which can't be bad.
Taking new photos to show it off also inspired me to do a new video tour with our flash new camera (that films in HD). The old tour was lovely of course, but it did last 2'15", showing every last detail of the place. After having watched it a couple of times it just felt s-l-o-w, so the new HD tour clocks in at a zippy 43 seconds, and although focus is a bit wobbly from all my fast panning, it is by all accounts a much more succinct and smarter experience. Check it out below. You may need to click bottom right to get the full 720p wonderfulness (plus the four little arrows to go fullscreen).

Music is still by the amazing Esthero. 'Bout time she brought some new stuff out...

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