Monday, 21 February 2011

We have James Bond's iron

So James was like "Look, I want you to have my iron" and I was like "James, are you sure?" and he was like "After saving my ass back in Sudukostan? You deserve this iron", and I was like "OK bro, that's cool. Thanks. Love you man".

Actually, the story isn't quite as exotic as that. Our original iron was kinda basic, had an old school bakelite surround and - inevitably - got dropped and broken. So now we have this deadly black monster from Philips. It's the GC4491 bitch, and it's (wait for it)... for MEN!

Yep, secret service male guests of the Great Apartment, get your ironing arm pumped and ready; this baby is for YOU. So much so that one ridiculously virile specimen has even posted his own unboxing video on Youtube. Get ready to geek out.

The press release makes for amusing reading, comparing the iron to an Italian sports car and mentioning its metal plate made of Anodilium (which sounds kinda supahero, but turns out to be a registered Philips trademark meaning 'metal').

We actually chose the thing because you can put it directly back in its box after use without it melting anything. Perfect for us dumb men! Hurrah!

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Pearly Queen said...

OK - I think I recognise the guy's watch in that video...