Wednesday, 30 March 2011

New flowers at the Great Apartment

As usual, the flowers come and the flowers go. Despite some unseasonably warm weather, the narcissi that I bought a couple of weeks back refused to flower, going soft and mouldy. Charming. There goes 3 euros.

The tulips have fared a little better. A delicate pink colour, they won't last long, so enjoy them while you can.
And I decided to splash out on a Hydrangea, in the hope that it really does thrive the shade, as I have heard. I used to think these were real old lady plants, but I've warmed to them recently, perhaps because I'm becoming more of an old man myself!

I love the colour, and they give a good structure to the whole window box, so hopefully they will flower for a while. I wonder if my scraggly geraniums will make an effort sometime soon too?
I do try to make an effort with the flowers at the Great Apartment. Hopefully some people notice :-)

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Pearly Queen said...

Sounds like the narcissi got frosted...