Monday, 25 June 2012

And I drink to get drunk

TimeOut Paris have very helpfully released a new map of the 100 best bars in Paris.  Turns out I've only been to about 20 of of them, which means there are still a lot of cocktails with my name on in the city. Hurrah!

It's a deliciously lop-sided affair (with next to nothing in the south and west of the city) and all a bit bewildering if you don't know Paris, so which choices do we agree with in the area around the Great Apartment?

Well, the Troisième Lieu is raucous fun if you like kitsch music and a good mix of people (including partying lesbians). The Experimental Cocktail Club is always fun, although the security guy on the door is hardly friendly.

Andy Wahloo we've told you about before, and Candelaria is a bit of fun because the bar is 'secret' - you have to walk through the tiny restaurant and pass through a door to enter. Shame they didn't mention Chez Jeanette...

Here's a closer look at the area around us. Click here for the full-size map.

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